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a) the user must demonstrate his/her legitimacy to divulge the opportunity, and for this purpose, when completing the submission form, send the property register and the certificate of the property register of the associated property to;

b) being the intention of this Portal to disclose investment opportunities on an international level, the user should send, after submitting the opportunity disclosure form, the text describing the opportunity in English language to

c) public entities may submit opportunities regarding assets of any nature and state, provided they are or are intended to be allocated to tourism;

d) Private entities may submit opportunities related to assets related to the development of tourism activities, or that are intended to be allocated to tourism, associated with tourist developments, activities of animation and catering establishments, whether or not they are in operation;

e) the information provided on the assets to be advertised, as well as the respective images, should be indicative of the characteristics of the assets, including their surroundings, as well as of the tourism development potential of the territory in which they are inserted.


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